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3100 Independence Pkwy Suite # 215 Plano, TX 75075

(972) 943-3639

Over 700 establishments serving Henry’s Ice Cream

We manufacture our own Homemade Ice Cream daily HENRY’S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM™Dallas Texas, is a manufacturer & supplier of gourmet,
handmade, all natural super-premium ice cream and toppings for caterers, restaurants, hotels, parties and our retail scoop store. For over 33 years,
Henry has provided wholesale and retail scoop ice cream for ice cream lovers in Texas.

Your favorite flavors come with plenty of napkins

Jane Ham McCall Chute I’m so proud of you, Henry, for all you’ve made of/done with your business. I saw you on the news a couple days ago, and I told Michael what I just told you. And I love that you’ve employed our Dan for all these years! Thank you for your unending patience, care, and love for him over these years!

Retail – Stop by Enjoy Together with Friends?

We cater to family like yours, bring along some friends, meeting Henry is a must, he truly believes Ice Cream Makes You Pretty. Since you are already pretty just stop by and enjoy Henry’s 16% butterfat full body, awesome tasting Homemade Ice Cream. Be careful because those wonderful children will make you come back for more.

At A Restaurant? Ask Your Server For Henry’s Ice Cream!

We want to make sure that Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream is available wherever you eat, day or night, so we deliver early and on time. Look! Henry is not happy when you cannot get the Homemade Ice Cream you love so much, so let him know and he will nicely call the restaurant and give them a good deal so you can be happy.


 Our Service 

For all your occasions

Wholesale in Texas

Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream produces Homemade Ice Cream with a dedication to the highest quality of pure ingredients, utilizing a rich 16% butterfat.

Ice Cream Catering

Our full service catering provided and includes Ice Cream, Yogurt and Sorbet cups, 10 – 12 different toppings – including whip cream and cherries, spoons and napkins. Yes we setup, tear down and clean up.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties $8.50 per child *** A minimum of 10 children *** A $40.00 advance deposit is reqired.

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We create delicious memories

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Want a taste of Texas' Best Homemade
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